30 juillet 2011

Matthew Williamson 2011

J'ai découvert aujourd'hui un designer anglais donc je n'avais JAMAiS entendu parler, Matthew Williamson. J'adore tout simplement ce qu'il fait, la fluidité des vêtements, les imprimés, les petits détails qui font la différence etc. 

Today, I discovered a british designer that I never heard about, Matthew Williamson. I just love what he does, the fluidity of the clothes, the prints, the little details that makes the difference etc.



Just love it!

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh, you may know him though, he had this collaboration with H&M I think one or two years ago, with these looooong light summer dresses and these beach looks... :)

  2. Seriously, no xd I've never EVER heard of him or its collaboration with H&M, but i'm glad that I discovered him :)